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Gracie humaita Brazilian


GRACIE HUMAITÁ BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU Martial Arts Family Self Defense For Adults & Kids IN RENO/SPARKS

Gracie Humaitá  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Reno and Sparks provides a comfortable environment for people of all  skill levels. Our martial arts academy focuses on self-defense, competition style of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as getting in shape to live a healthier lifestyle. We offer three introductory classes for both kids and adults. Sign up today to get access to our Reno and Sparks locations!

a Message from Gracie Jiu Jitsu Legend, Royce Gracie

Reno & Sparks Gracie Brazilian Jiu JitSu Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Try 3 introductory Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Martial Art classes for just $30


Are you ready to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts?

Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most exciting forms of martial arts due to its focus on both leverage and technique, which allow a smaller individual to take control and submit even bigger opponents.

If you want to arm yourself with self defense skills, build your confidence, and get in shape–then you’re ready!

Just fill out the form, and check our Class Times to get started
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Henrique araujo de lacerda
03:01 11 Aug 22
Great gym, very nice people, sensei have lots of knowledge!
AJ Culver
06:02 10 Aug 22
Just started training here. Hands down best school in Reno, Thank you for opening so close to us in South Reno!
Josiah Kalinauskas
00:59 29 Jul 22
I just moved to Nevada from Montana, and I absolutely love this school. It’s it excellent for any person in search of self defense, and a great way to stay in shape. Highly recommend that you give it a try.
jayden glick
03:07 13 Jul 22
Had an amazing first class. Very friendly and welcoming environment.
Jason Martin
01:00 24 Jun 22
BJJ is one is the most effective martial arts for anyone to be able to defend themselves and even more so for kids. It helps a smaller opponent really learn how to protect themselves from larger opponents. Professor Alex and the entire Gracie Humaita team embody the heart of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and my two boys have gained immense confidence in just the first month of training. Highly recommend the academy for anyone looking to protect themselves or enabling their kids to gain confidence and a real ability to defend themself.
Nabby Foulk
23:12 22 Jun 22
My 6yo son really enjoys coming here and learning jiu jitsu from the great coaches. He is on the Autism Spectrum, and he’s getting a lot of practice with how to use his body appropriately—being able to grapple without hurting others, and improving his coordination. He also gets a lot of great input for following directions and routines, as well as needing to imitate others (not something he’s inherently driven to do). He’s getting a lot out of this experience, he enjoys it, and this is a great studio with wonderful coaches.
Rudolf Guison CYCLING
23:57 21 Jun 22
Prof alex is the best
Royler Gracie
03:12 04 Jun 22
I just visited the Gracie Humaita Reno with prof. Alexander Garcia! The academy looking good! All ways nice visit you guys!
Colin C
00:20 04 Jun 22
This is a fantastic environment for our children to learn discipline, humility, respect, self defense, and the confidence that comes with all of it. Alex and his team of awesome instructors have created the perfect school to teach children BJJ and imperative life skills in a fun and supportive environment. It is amazing to watch our children grow and evolve their characters and skills. The seminars with the Gracie family legends are a nice bonus as well! We absolutely recommend to any parent that wants the best quality of life for their children's future.
John Andrews
03:30 19 May 22
Always a great atmosphere to train in! The instructors are amazing and everyone is very welcoming!
GBoss durp
22:01 13 May 22
I love this school there’s amazing people here and every class is full of energy and positivity
Chris Lopez
02:18 12 May 22
Great place to train.Wonderful environment!
John Victorino
02:08 12 May 22
Awesome school to train in and learn the great art of bjj.
Chloe Pulido
04:39 22 Apr 22
Best Brazilian jujutsu place in the northern Nevada! Hands down!🤝
05:01 31 Mar 22
All the instructors are amazing! My daughter really enjoys it! Great atmosphere
Daniel Mendoza
00:22 31 Mar 22
Enrolled our kid into the 9-15 year old age group and he has been having a blast! Great atmosphere and teachers are fun and great with working with the kids.
Brandon Langlands
02:37 26 Mar 22
Great place to learn. Professor Alex is an amazing teacher.
Brandon Finch
17:53 25 Mar 22
My son has been going here the past few months and has really enjoyed his time here. Professor Alex is awesome. He makes sure the kids pay attention to details have fun and enjoy coming to class. Coach Louise is super rad to as are all the staff here I would suggest this place to anyone looking to get into training best gym in town in my opinion. Professor Alex definitely has made a positive impact on the community and what he offers at his gym very thankful.
Nile Bremser
17:17 22 Mar 22
Alexandre Garcia is a top notch instructor. Gym is clean. Family friendly, respectful environment.
Jase Ryals
02:35 22 Mar 22
Nice place
Jessica Asay
20:06 19 Mar 22
Alex and his team are amazing! My girls are learning so much. I see a tremendous growth in both of them in regards to confidence , respect and of course self defense. So thankful to be a part of Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!
Jesse Asay
20:01 19 Mar 22
My girls are learning self defense, respect and confidence and these guys are really amazing. Thank you guys!!!!
Phoenix Burning
02:44 17 Mar 22
Just started classes, and I love it! Amazing enviroment, thoughtfull and smart people, and a great all around vibe! Highly reccomend to anyone wanting to pick up and try or continue the trade!
Joe Motta
02:43 16 Mar 22
Alex is truly the best thing to happen me in a long time. Truly a great experience and I hope to continue learning this art for a long time.
Abelardo Ruiz
00:39 16 Mar 22
Awesome coaches and staff.
Sven Inda
21:40 03 Mar 22
Great family friendly atmosphere with excellent instruction. I’ve trained elsewhere and the vibe here is what I was looking for… no big egos, everyone is there to help you learn in a very supportive environment.
Cheryl Eanes
16:35 22 Oct 21
Excellent teachers fun atmospheres respect and discipline being taught to children. My Grandaughters look forward to going each week
Dale Armstrong
23:05 16 Oct 21
I strongly recommend this school, great training.
Lane Gray
18:03 19 Sep 21
This is the place to learn Jiu-Jitsu in Reno. My 7 year old son has been attending classes for a year now and he loves it. I find this to be a wonderful investment as I see my son flourishing not only in jiu-jitsu skill set but also in character as professor Alex and professor Fred and the rest of the incredible staff instill in these kids respect, discipline, mindset, attitude and perseverance. All of which, will greatly benefit them as adults in the future. Professor Alex is very personable and has done a great job creating a very friendly and inviting environment.I'm very proud to see my son progress in Jiu-Jitsu at this outstanding place.
Chantel Hils
21:51 10 Sep 21
My husband drives 3 hours (one way) to train with these amazing people here. It’s a family thing! Thanks for everything, you all!
Jacob Kolosov
20:34 24 Aug 21
Great gym, clean, great people and even more greater coaches, Alexander and Fred absolutely awesome! Highly recommend
Tristen McGee-James
00:43 27 Jul 21
Amazing place to learn jiu jitsu, best one in town.
05:49 25 Jul 21
Amazing school here in Reno .Strongly recommend this school for any beginner or advace student.oss…
Cassie Kaylee
04:04 22 Jul 21
I love this place.Such a beautiful and welcoming environment for me and family,Strongly advise that beginners and advanced students come.
Cling 2004
01:29 15 Jul 21
Everyone is amazing, great instructors, great classes!
Alyssa B
03:42 24 Jun 21
My boys recently started training here and they love it! They ask to go every day. Great instructors that are serious but fun!
Taysha Schroder
00:06 24 Jun 21
This gym is awesome! All the coaches are very knowledgeable and always making sure the kids are working on form and being safe. Professor Alex has a great passion for teaching and the kids have such a great time. My sons have learned so much.
Corina Perez
01:56 10 Jun 21
My kids love to train here and the coaches.
Chuck Clingensmith
14:44 07 Jun 21
This Jiu Jitsu studio is outstanding! I joined a little over a year ago with my oldest son and since my wife and youngest have joined us. This kids class is full of energy, intentionally guided and meant to challenge the young athletes to grow not only in Jiu Jitsu but personally as they make friendships along the way. The adult class is welcoming to diverse ages, skill levels and interest. There are competitors, those looking for a great physical outlet and those looking for self defense training. Professor Alex brings a high level of energy and skill expertise that is supplemented with coaches just as diverse as the members.
José Carlos Villarreal
03:21 03 Jun 21
Alex is a Great Coach. Gracie Humaitá is the place to be. No egos, friendly environment, excellent training. If your on the fence about signing up, try it out. You’ll know why it’s an easy choice!
russ laarman
03:51 25 May 21
This is a great class. The group has always been super helpful for this middle aged out-of-shape guy! If you want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, this is a great place to learn.
Hason Hubbard
16:58 05 May 21
Alex is a really great instructor. He’s great with the kids & the adult classes are fun & very informal. I’ve been training for 7 months and i love it
Joel Hernandez
14:59 05 May 21
What an amazing place.Professor Alex is not just a good instructor but he’s an funny and great person.Strongly recommend this school.
Devin McGarr
22:45 30 Apr 21
Wonderful place to train. Very knowledgeable and polite. Great place to start training jiu Jitsu.
Moody Austin
03:39 30 Apr 21
Very friendly instructors, good atmosphere, phenomenal coaching, and incredibly fun place to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Martins Ibinola
05:36 24 Apr 21
What an amazing school.We fell such an amazing energy here.I have tried a few schools in Reno but I chose Gracie Humaita cause I really felt welcome here.Amazing for adults and Kids.Thank you Alexandre Garcia for bringing this school from Brazil to Reno.
21:52 19 Apr 21
I've been training with Alex for a couple years now, and he is great! I've trained at some other Jiu Jitsu schools around the Reno/ Sparks area, and Alex is by far the most knowledgeable and entertaining teacher I have encountered. Highly recommend!
Milly Rock
06:33 12 Mar 21
This place is has the best instructors I’ve ever came across! Very informative and they will take their time to teach you whatever you need to feel confident in defending yourself and progressing with your training!
Tina F
19:00 11 Mar 21
This team is incredible! Unfortunately I couldn’t make the classes for my daughter due to my work schedule but In a heart beat I would go back! They are fun, professional and keep the kids engaged.
Mike Bryson
01:29 11 Mar 21
4 of my kids have been training here for 4 months and they love it. All the trainers work great with kids and they are learning a lot. They are growing in discipline and confidence. I could not recommend Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more.
Digo Android
23:10 10 Mar 21
I'm a fairly new student. I highly recommend the place! Alex is not only teaching BJJ from the root (he is from Brazil) but also he will make you feel comfortable and he makes other students learn how to welcome new ones. If you are looking for a BJJ school where you will learn from the roots and feel welcome that is the school for you
01:15 04 Mar 21
My daughter has been training Jiu Jitsu here for the past year and she loves it. It has helped her grow as an individual and taught her many life lessons. All the instructors have done a fantastic job of keeping the kids engaged and having fun. I highly recommend Gracie Humaita for both kids and adults!
Alyssa Marie Miller
03:21 12 Feb 21
I’ve been going for a few months now and I enjoy it everytime I’m here. I look forward to coming everyday and learning so many new things each time. Everyone is so nice and helpful doesn’t matter if they’re an instructor or not. Alex is great and super funny!
Bruh Alvarez
03:39 10 Feb 21
Alex is an amazing instructor I’ve been training for a bit and I already know so much he is a humorous person and a great person to be around he brings smiles to the class and makes everybody’s day.100 percent recommend taking his class
Lucio Alvarez
03:35 10 Feb 21
Alex is an amazing instructor! I’ve been training for 3 months and have learned a lot. He is very energetic and have a lot of information. He is very patient with new comers and does great with children. Since joining the team I have lost about 20 lbs. I feel in better shape than I ever have! 5 stars!
Luke H
03:38 09 Feb 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, great with kids, and perfect for all levels!!
Darren Proulx
01:39 02 Feb 21
Alex and his team are great trainers.
Mike the DuPont
17:30 09 Dec 20
My 7 year old loves training with Alex and the other instructors. Alex does a great job in working with the little kids and keeping them focused while in class. I highly recommend Gracie Humaita for anyone who wants to add focus and discipline to their kids life.
Andrew Le
04:44 28 Oct 20
This is the place to learn BJJ. Alex is a great teacher and is fun to be around. He can be firm at times but cares about students learning correctly.
Zach Meneses
06:17 27 Oct 20
ive been training for 3 months now and i have to say joing Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reno has been the best decision ive ever made it is amazing for physical health and mental aswell. all of the instructors are amazing and very patient for adults and children my son who is now 5 years old started when he was 4 and he is addicted aswell if you have the slightest curiosity about joing i highly recommend it. i mean what do you have to lose?
02:58 20 Oct 20
Zachery Hedman
23:23 29 Jul 20
This is my first experience with BJJ and I have to say I love this school. The teachers are incredibly patient, funny, and great at communication. Gracie Humaita Reno has a great community of students and I never feel out of place. Everyone works together to make each other better. One of the best things I have ever signed up for.
Justin Edwards
03:19 29 Jul 20
Alex is a great teacher and mentor. He is very enthusiastic and always comes to class amped up, ready to teach. I look forward to coming to class everyday to better myself. Also shoutout to Kelly and Mark who help substitute teach when Alex is in Sparks. They are also great teachers who love what they do.
Colby Goodwin
20:41 23 Jul 20
Great people, plenty of parking, and very clean. The instructor Alex is very friendly and welcome anybody regardless of age or experience. Fun and friendly environment to learn.
Laura Doherty
01:29 23 Jul 20
Amazing school for any age on how to learn jiu Jitsu. The main teacher, among with the other teachers, are professional, dedicated, talented, and excellent teachers esp with the children. Our son LOVES going. Also, the pricing is perfect. Would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone.
Samuel Doherty
00:52 23 Jul 20
Great and safe environment for my son and myself. One of the best workouts I have ever had and my 4 year old has a blast. Alex is amazing with the kids and keeps them engaged. If you are looking to learn one of the best martial arts in the wold and have a great workout I can’t speak highly enough about Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Alexandre Mari
04:34 26 Mar 20
We are the best because we love what we do.When you love your Job ,you dont work you have fun!God bless everyone.Osss...
Hayden Michaels
03:50 26 Mar 20
I am very glad they have this school.Hands down best school by far in Reno,Alexandre is from Rio /Brazil trained under the best in Brazil,the Gracie Family.Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a real Brazilian.Thank you Alex and Pat for being so good at what you do.By the way the energy is amazing,strongly recommend this school for everyone.
Berd And Charleston
16:20 25 Mar 20
This place is great! I love Alex and Pat, they're such informative instructors and really nice to students! This is THE best Jiu-jitsu place in Reno!
05:10 09 Dec 19
Great BJJ school with fantastic coaches! Coach Alex teaches very technical and efficient Jiu Jujitsu at the same time keeping the lessons fun for the kids. It is amazing how fast the kids are learning! The adult classes are great also; egos are left at the door and everyone works together to improve their skills! I would recommend Gracie Humaita to anyone at any fitness level!
logyn hughes
04:21 24 Nov 19
Greatest teacher I’ve ever had, very positive and high intense energy. One of the most humble and strongest schools I’ve been too!
Pat W
17:37 10 Nov 19
Alex does a great job of teaching jiujitsu to kids as well as adults. Not only is Alex a great teacher, but a great friend as well. Highly recommended.
Sky Line
05:55 18 Sep 19
Outstanding! Everything about this school is outstanding. I'm so thankful this school is in reno. I'm hooked!!
Chunks Rodriquez
15:59 07 Sep 19
Alex and Pat are amazing!!! It’s the best place in Reno for Jiu-Jitsu! These 2 men will change your life!!! Jiu-Jitsu will change your life!
Bobby Vinas
03:08 10 Aug 19
Over my family summer vacation in Truckee, I needed a place to train for an upcoming tournament. I drove to Reno three times for other things and stopped by Gracie Humaita Reno every time. I was welcomed with open arms. Professor Alex and Pat were awesome. All the higher belt team members who I trained with took their time helping me understand my mistakes during rolling and gave me advice for my tournament. Gracie Humaita Reno will have a special place in my Jui-Jitsu journey and I hope to came back here every summer.
Marc Cardinal
19:19 03 Aug 19
I have been training at Gracie Humaita for over 2.5 years. My jiu-jitsu has improved exponentially since I started training at Gracie Humaita. Alex Garcia is an excellent professor. He is detail orientated and very encouraging. As an older student, I was hesitant to enter competitions. His encouragement and guidance led me to win gold at several Bay Area tournaments, much to my pleasant surprise. Instructors Pat and Greg are also excellent and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the mats!Currently, our adult class consists of several large trained athletes and military personnel, i.e. former Nevada football players and Army Rangers. These guys are beasts! We train hard but at the same time treat each other as valued teammates. You're exhausted from training but nobody is trying to hurt you - we are all training to make our jiu-jitsu better. I love training with the guys and feel like I am part of team.The kids' team is exceptional! Alex is fantastic at teaching the young kids jiu-jitsu as well as making it fun for them! They consistently medal at local and out-of-state tournaments.If you are an adult looking for a challenging and friendly jiu-jitsu team, Gracie Humaita is the place for you. If you have a child and you are looking for an encouraging and positive martial arts school, Gracie Humaita is for you and your child.In conclusion, if you live in Reno come train with us at Gracie Humaita!
Katie Jager
00:01 02 Aug 19
We joined 2 months ago and we are loving it! My sons, ages 5 and 7, joined as well as my husband. It’s been nothing but a positive experience for all of them. My kids love going m-f for 45 minutes. Because it is daily they have learned quickly, made Friends, love the guidance and respect they get from their teachers and have quickly found a passion for the art of jiujitu. The teachers are firm, knowledgeable and make it fun for the kids. They are not just learning how to grapple but also learning boundaries, respect, discipline and right & wrong. It is SO much more than I ever thought it would be. I have zero background in martial arts and did not know what to expect but after what my kids have learned I would say every kid should Experience jujitsu if only for a year or so. It is amazing how my kids have found a way to positively interact with other kids in a physical way and focus their energy and attention. Anyone thinking of putting their kids in jiujitsu should defiantly give it a try!
kelii Barco
00:53 27 Jul 19
Great school,great coaches,Alex is great with the kids and the kids love Alex highly recommendable this school if your looking for a jujitsu school
Mason Marino
18:01 26 Jul 19
Excellent teachers, clean facility, and a great community base. From beginner to advanced, this facility will take you to the next level. Alex and his team have created something special here in south Reno that cannot be replicated.
Kat T
04:08 26 Jul 19
Gracie Humaita is an amazing school. My son has been attending for a couple of months now and he loves it! He doesn’t want to miss any days and it’s all because of the owner/awesome Professor Alex, as well as all of the other instructors. They are great with the kids, they keep the kids engaged by learning something new everyday, & they are always encouraging! I see my son’s confidence building everyday he attends! I’d give 10 stars if I could!
Ty Mason
02:40 26 Jul 19
My boys just started going here and we absolutely LOVE IT. As soon as you walk in the door your greeted with smiles from the couches you and you feel like family...you can tell that the do it for the love of the art and they dont make you feel forced into staying. We go on a daily basis and my boys are excited every day. In the little time that they have been going the have shown so much improvement and have even improved their confidence. This is a GREAT family friendly experience that every kid should have ❣
Kyle Koungoujinov
06:09 24 Jul 19
Alex is the reason we continue to keep our Daughter at Gracie Humaita. The kids love him and the way he teaches engages the kids! Alex also teaches them great values, respect, and discipline. My daughter was unsure after the first couple classes but after about 2-3 weeks of doing it she wanted to go 5 days a week. We never even considered tournaments but with Alex’s motivation and training our Daughter has competed 4 times taking home medals in all of her tournaments. Most of all it has helped with my child’s confidence and she’s building a great foundation with Jiu Jitsu and life. 5 stars, thank you for everything you do ALEX !
Jeremy Ramirez
01:43 20 Jul 19
Great place wonderful family environment great coaches. I bring my boys to train and they love it 1 of the beat decision we've made. My family and I like it some much I just signed up to train with my son's. Thank you Alex
Nathan Ramirez
01:41 20 Jul 19
Im currently enrolled into the class alex a good person great instructors
Jessica E
22:08 19 Jul 19
My husband is in such good shape from working out at Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He loves going and says it is a great community.
Sy F
06:24 18 Jul 19
Best authentic Gracie Jiu Jitsu school in Reno! Long time resident and Brazilian transplant, Alexandre Garcia is one of Reno’s best BJJ black belts. Taught by the legendary Gracie family. Gracie Humaita is great for kids all the way up to pro’s in the sport. Highly recommended!
michelle sherven
01:11 08 Jun 19
Our son loves taking classes here! Wonderful instructors. This is really a great place for kids to be active and learn new skills.
BSM n54iS
12:28 04 Jun 19
Excellent instruction! Alex brings great energy to the class everyday and his staff is always friendly and eager to teach. Wish I could train and roll everyday here, wonderful environment to learn while having fun!
Micaya Cruz
02:09 01 Jun 19
Hands down Alex is the best in Reno NV! He is training my daughter is great with the kids! Super funny! Thanks for a great time Alex!!
Ricardo Mendez
03:54 31 May 19
This place was so dope I’m student at UNR I have been in several schools in Reno and this is definitely the one that I felt was the one to sigh up and Alex is very friendly and he takes care of his folks every should definitely sigh up here
Tyler Smith
14:39 30 May 19
Top notch instruction! Hands down, best in the area. Speaking as a current coach involved in all levels of athletics, Alexandre does an excellent job at differentiating his instruction to meet the specific levels of each individual in the class. Very positive environment!!
18:56 29 May 19
Alexander is the best instructor I've ever had,the gym is clean and comfortable 10/10!
Savannah Closson
04:34 29 May 19
I have trained at other jujitsu schools in Reno, NV and this one is by far the best! There was so much positive energy here and everyone was helpful. Alex is a great instructor and would highly recommend.
Angel Sanchez
04:43 25 May 19
5 starsAlexandre keeps the mood positive and really cares about you learning the techniques. Also ,with multiple classes a day, it's easier to show up to at least one class.
22:50 13 May 19
Being from Brazil, I can tell that this is the place you can learn Jiu Jitsu from the roots of Rio de Janeiro. Alexandre has so much experience, and such an incredibly positive energy.I strongly recommend it.
Max Gratrix
02:26 06 May 19
5 stars for Alex and his school. If you're looking for the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Reno, check this place out!
Kyle Monk
22:33 26 Apr 19
Great atmosphere. Owner really knows the art of Brazilian jiujitsu. Members are welcoming. Fun place to train and roll.
Ed Garcia
20:47 25 Apr 19
Amazing without a doubt! I would recommend to everyone!
ML Fang
04:15 18 Apr 19
Great BJJ gym with good mix of beginners and higher belts. Very welcoming to people just starting BJJ. Alex is fun and a great instructor - I highly recommend it!
Jennifer Bell
00:33 18 Apr 19
My son zachary absolutely loves this place. The sensei is amazing with the kids. He is strict, but fun. Teaches them respect, builds their confidence and skills! We are so happy we found this place!
Rogerio Oliveira
21:41 18 Feb 19
The best Jiu Jitsu um Reno nevada Alexandre great person.
Asa Russell
06:52 06 Feb 19
What an excellent family friendly environment and place to learn Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. If you live in Reno this is the place to learn BJJ. Pofessor Alexandre Garcia is an amazing instructor with a tremendous amount of technical skill and ability to teach what he knows. His facility is clean, professionally organized and pays respect to the art. He has welcomed myself and a friend who are visiting from out of town with open arms. I immediately felt as if I were a part if his family. This is a must place to train if you are local or simply visiting the area.Thank you Professor Alexander Garcia for having us the past three days it was truly a pleasure to work with you and your students!
Jason Silva
05:13 06 Feb 19
Thank you Alexandre Garcia for your hospitality! You and your students welcomed 2 strangers from out of town and we really appreciate it! Really enjoyed the opportunity to train with you and learned a lot for me to take back to San Diego! Highly recommend!
Daniel Edwards
05:29 25 Jan 19
Just finished my second class and I have absolutely 0 martial arts background. Great atmosphere and friendly environment which promotes learning. Alex is great and made me feel welcome. There’s a wide range of experience among the class and I can tell you first-hand that they are patient with new customers and helpful in providing additional instruction. Had a great time and signed up!
Daniel Puz
18:39 24 Jan 19
Alexandre Garcia is a great BJJ practitioner and coach. The only reason I ended up here was because the other schools in town didn't return my phone calls and nobody was willing to train early in the AM. That was very important for me as a working professional because it allowed me the chance to get in my training and still have a home life. The school is always clean and kept to professional standards with class starting on time and extra help if I need it. Being brand new to the sport, the school was inviting and everyone was willing to help. We have a great mixture of age, size, and skill levels so there is always someone available to help us newer people out. I have made several friends at this school that have transferred to friendships and people I spend time with outside of just BJJ. I recommend stopping by and taking a trial class if you have ever been interested but haven't made the jump yet into the addicting world of Jiu Jitsu.
Adam Kushdilian
06:33 04 Dec 18
Alex is a great instructor, dont be intimidated just walk in and be welcomed to the family. Your first day you'll learn quite a bit and have fun in the process.
Michelle G
04:14 29 Nov 18
Alex and his team are truly amazing. They put true dedication into training the kids. Out of all the activities I have put my son in over the years, this one is by far the best. Alex and his team are very kind and patient with the kids and keep them well behaved at the same time. I highly recommend this place and am so thankful to be a part of it.
Ben Walker
21:31 27 Nov 18
Alex is a good guy 🤠... great atmosphere, clean facility, lots of people from different backgrounds and experience levels. Great place to train
Sean deRubertis
21:25 27 Nov 18
Great gym. Alex teaches very well. Recommend to everyone who wants to train. Everybody so helpful in leanring
Samuel Schouweiler
19:59 27 Nov 18
Been training here for over two years. The best Jiu Jitsu in Reno, amazing and friendly environment and and incredibly knowledgeable instructors.
Oliver Martinez
05:22 26 Sep 18
This place is amazing! Alex, Ryan, and all the people that I train with are awesome. The more I come, the more I like Jiu Jitsu. My goal when signing up was to learn self defense and be nor fit, but I never knew I would make Jiu Jitsu part of my life. At times I feel overwhelmed with how little I know, but the more I come I feel more confident and comfortable. At 35, is hard to stick to something and feel passionate about it, but I know I’m in no rush and that Jiu Jitsu is more of a lifestyle than just an activity.
Michael Wysuph
00:09 25 Sep 18
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has been an incredibly positive experience for my five year old. The coaches are very talented and patient with the younger children, ensuring that they all know the moves before moving on. The coach to student ratio is great and each kid gets some individual coaching. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an after school activity for their son or daughter.
Moses Jacques
04:18 16 Aug 18
I have trained under the Ribeiro brothers for 16 years. When I came to train here with Alexandre I felt right at home. Great training and great vibes at this school!
Elayna Estrada
03:59 14 Jun 18
Every one is very helpful and friendly. Alex has made me stronger in life.
Laryssa Martinez
03:57 14 Jun 18
Everyone was very helpful there and he’s a great teacher.
Brennan Christenson
12:36 13 Jun 18
Great place, great coaches, great people to train with. If you are looking to learn effective self defense or are looking to compete in sport BJJ, this is the place.
Chris windon
01:09 13 Jun 18
This is an amazing learning environment and everyone here is so welcoming. I’m definitely glad I picked this school for my first jiu jitsu experience!
Destiny Rodriguez
04:31 11 Jun 18
Alexandre Garcia school is amazing! (:This school is very clean and the staff is very welcoming, everyone is super friendly. I’ve been to several schools in Reno and this is by far the best one.
addison mohler
23:40 25 May 18
This place is great. Alex is a fantastic coach and runs a tight ship. He has a way with kids and my 4 year old enjoys the program.
kelli stamper mohler
07:20 24 May 18
Coach Alex is so good with kids and makes sure they all participate, learn technique and discipline, and have fun. I am impressed with how well all the staff do this, especially with younger kids. I love the confidence and pride i see in my daughter as she learns more and enjoy the great atmosphere.
Alonzo Ruiz
23:47 22 May 18
This is a great place to learn Brazilian Ju Jujitsu. They take great care of the little ones and are thorough with instructions. They not only teach and train for tournaments, they also teach discipline and respect, and self defense.
23:41 22 May 18
This is one of the most exclusive schools I have seen for youths, it is high energy from the instructors, and engaging. In the past being a student of jiu jitsu I can say that the students are captivated by the experience at this school.
Fernando Sola
05:00 04 May 18
This place is awesome! Hands down best school in Reno! I have tried several places and this is my second home! Thanks Alex!
ivy armstrong
03:36 11 Apr 18
I have been training for about a month here and I love it! I have already learned so much and the instructors are awesome!
Sanjay Rao
14:24 04 Apr 18
Alex is a top notch instructor. His lessons are very practical. He understands his students needs and wants them to succeed in Jiu Jitsu and in life.
Katy Armstrong
04:39 28 Mar 18
Amazing instructors with an awesome atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help no matter what level you are at. I would highly recommend this school for all ages!
Tom Serink
00:55 28 Mar 18
Good School. Nice staff.
Chad Mingo
03:22 01 Mar 18
Started out enrolling my son and after 4 months ended up joining too! Alex is great and shows a great deal of poise in working with the kids. He is an excellent role model and is teaching not only the Jiu Jitsu techniques but lessons about grit, facing adversity, sportsmanship and kindness. Highly recommend this studio as an after school activity, it is a clean, safe and supportive environment.When Alex switches to adult instruction he changes gears and puts together a class that is both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. He knows the sport and will take you on a rewarding path!
Nathan Somers
03:54 19 Jan 18
Alex is an awesome instructor. My daughter has only been attending classes for 3 months and is already progressing rapidly and is about ready for competition. Alex is professional and great at inspiring the kids to do their best and put forward their best effort.
Marlon Leano
02:28 29 Sep 17
Awesome group of people. Fantastic environment!!!
Julie Fiore
01:01 23 May 17
Great atmosphere. We were welcomed and acknowledged the minute we walked in. My son loves it here. The instructors are very nice and patient with all the kids. There is always more than one instructor which helps the children learn more.
Amber Vegas
19:49 16 May 17
My daughter had been going for 3 weeks now and loves it. This class has improved her self confidence and she says, " I want to be a jiu jitsu master" I highly recommend Gracie Jiu Jitsu
What is the Martial Art of Jiu-Jitsu?

Jiu-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art and combat sport that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. It was developed in Japan in the early 20th century by Jigoro Kano, who blended Judo, Jujutsu, and other influences. Jiu-Jitsu promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper technique; most notably by applying joint locks and chokeholds to defeat them.

What should you not do in BJJ?

There are a few things that you should avoid doing if you want to be successful in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Here are four of the most common mistakes that people make:

  • Not warming up properly
  • Overtraining
  • Neglecting Technique
  • Being Unprepared
Do I need Experience in Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu?

No, you do not need experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) to begin training. BJJ is a martial art that is designed for anyone and everyone, regardless of size, strength, or prior experience. In fact, one of the benefits of BJJ is that it levels the playing field, so to speak. A smaller, weaker person can actually defeat a larger, stronger opponent by using proper technique and leverage. That being said, if you have no prior experience in martial arts or combat sports, you may want to consider taking a beginner’s class or private lessons before joining a regular class. This will help you get acclimated to the techniques and principles of BJJ before jumping into a group class setting.

Is It Safe For My Child to Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

The safety of your child is always the number one priority when considering any activity, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is no different. BJJ is a safe and beneficial martial art for children to learn, providing many physical and mental benefits. However, as with any activity, there are some risks involved. The good news is that these risks can be mitigated by working with a reputable and experienced BJJ instructor, ensuring that your child trains in a safe environment, and following some simple safety guidelines.

What is The Belt System in Jiu-Jitsu?

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the belt system is used to indicate a practitioner’s level of experience and technical proficiency. There are nine total belts in BJJ, with each subsequent belt representing a higher level of skill. The first four belts (white, blue, purple, and brown) are considered student-level belts, while the last five belts (black, red/black, red, coral, and double black) are reserved for instructors.


Can a Woman Train for Jiu-Jitsu?

Yes, women can train in Jiu-Jitsu just as effectively as men. In fact, many women find that they excel at Jiu-Jitsu because of their natural ability to use leverage and technique over brute strength. Women of all ages and sizes can benefit from training in Jiu-Jitsu, as it is an excellent way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and build confidence. If you are considering starting Jiu-Jitsu, there is no reason to let your gender hold you back – just get out there and give it a try!

How Often Should A Beginner Train for BJJ?

As a beginner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you should aim to train 3-4 times per week. This will give you enough time to learn the basics and develop some basic proficiency in the art. As you get more experience, you can increase the frequency of your training to 5-6 times per week if you wish. Remember to listen to your body and take breaks when needed – overtraining can lead to injury and burnout. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to enjoy your training and make progress at your own pace.

Should I Wear A Cup for BJJ?

One common question that people have about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is whether or not they should wear a cup. The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including your level of experience, the intensity of your training, and your personal preferences.

If you are a beginner, it is generally recommended that you wear a cup during training. This will help to protect you from any potential injuries that could occur while you are learning the basics of the sport. As you become more experienced, you may find that you don’t need to wear a cup as often. However, if you are training at a high intensity or competing in tournaments, it is still advisable to wear one.

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