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Tresa R.
01:16 07 Feb 23
We are SO happy to have found this gym. My son is 5 and loves both Jujitsu and Muay Thai classes. The instructors are fantastic!!! They are beyond knowledgeable, kind and great with the kids. I feel like my son is in good hands with them and it’s an honor to learn from a Gracie gym.
samuel J.
00:31 03 Feb 23
I recently enrolled 3 of my kids in an they love it. They are great with the kids an really take their time with them. They have really went out of their way to make us feel welcome
Olivia H.
00:15 03 Feb 23
My grandson Mateo, takes classes with him. He’s a very great person, professor. I highly recommend him.
Kazuko Y.
01:28 02 Feb 23
Alex and all of the coaches are amazing. They expect respect and discipline from the kids and teach good values. At the same time they make classes fun and interactive for the kids. I would recommend to anyone looking to get their kids in jiu jitsu.
David T.
01:15 02 Feb 23
Our kids love this place. The instructions are great with the kids and they really know what they're doing. The kids learn something new every class.
Carmen R.
01:14 02 Feb 23
My daughter loves her school! I highly recommend you to check it out!
John S.
23:45 01 Feb 23
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has become a popular martial art in recent years, and it's increasingly being used to teach kids how to defend themselves due to how effective it is. I signed up my two kids for training at Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Reno and I was impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the instructors, as well as the safety measures put in place to ensure the safety of all students. The classes are well-structured and the instructors use a variety of drills and activities to keep the kids engaged. Highly recommended.
chelsee C.
23:52 30 Jan 23
Alex and all of the coaches have been amazing and have such good patients with the children. Both of my sons has learned so much from this program and I highly recommend it! Not only for martial arts, but also for discipline.
05:03 11 Jan 23
Gracie Jiu Jitsu is absolutely amazing. This school helped boost my confidence tremendously and every class is fun and exciting.
Damien A.
20:06 15 Dec 22
This is the best place to train Jiu-jitsu in town. Professor Alex and Coach Luis are very knowledgeable and make learning Jiu-jitsu fun for my boys and I.
random P.
00:33 15 Dec 22
That brown guy with the accent is cool.
Ryan M.
17:56 02 Dec 22
Went to my first class last and it was amazing. I am definitely hooked. Alexandre Garcia is the real deal, great instructor and super friendly. I was referred to the gym by my uncle who has been training at the gym for multiple years. Signed up for my membership without any hesitation. Super clean and friendly atmosphere in the gym.
Alyssa O.
07:22 19 Nov 22
I love both schools the one in Reno and here in Sparks.Hands down best school in Nothern Nevada.Alex and Luis are amazing people.Thank you for opening this school close to my home.
Alyssa O.
07:17 19 Nov 22
This place is amazing.Everyone is very down to earth,Alex is very good at Jiujitsu and always make sure we are learning the Gentle Art.I love both schools Reno and Sparks.Good job!
Garret S.
07:11 19 Nov 22
just moved here from California.i have been training Gracie Jiujitsu for almost 3 months and I love it.Alex is an amazing human being .Luis very good too.i strongly recommend this school.
Carolee A.
04:11 13 Nov 22
Best instructors. Very patient. Feels like family. So Happy.
Carolee A.
04:09 13 Nov 22
Amazing instructors… state of the art facility. Feels like home like family.
Malinda G.
20:53 02 Nov 22
My kids love learning jiujitsu at Gracie Humaita! Every class is engaging. They learn new skills every week, practice old ones and have matches during every class. The program is designed with the perfect balance of warm-ups, training, one-on-one instruction, and work with well matched partners. The owner takes pride in his facility and instruction, and is also engaging and fun with the kids and parents.
Eli K.
03:07 21 Oct 22
I absolutely love this school and the ability to learn under Professor Alex
Eli K.
03:04 21 Oct 22
I’ve been going for 3 months now and I am very impressed with the lessons taught to me by Professors Alex
gary A.
02:58 21 Oct 22
Great place good people. Alex knows how to teach. Would suggest to a friend.
Susan L.
04:02 08 Oct 22
Stopped in for jiu jitsu and muai thai while I was in town. Fantastic place with really great instructors. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, I felt right at home 🙂
Natalie R.
00:54 29 Sep 22
The best jujitsu classes in town. Love the coaches, love being part of the team. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been doing this for years, you’ll be happy to be here. Just try the trial classes, you’ll love it and you won’t want to leave! For kids and adults, it will boost your self esteem, make you proud of the work you put in and you’re going to make friends. The coaches dedicate time to each person in class so you never feel like you’re on your own or lost in the crowd. This is a true team and everyone is so supportive.
Natalie R.
00:42 29 Sep 22
Highly recommend for the best jujitsu classes in town for kids and adults. Alex and all the coaches work hard to build a strong team. It’s more than martial arts, it’s a confidence boost, and everyone feels welcome.
Luke G.
00:42 29 Sep 22
We have been bringing my son here for 3 years. Alex and his staff do such an amazing job with the kids. They teach respect, how to defend yourself and hard work. We love Gracie Humaita Jiu Jitsu and would recommend to anyone.
Dominic Schaeffer L.
20:13 28 Sep 22
Not intimidating. Family environment. Very welcoming!
Casey M.
20:03 28 Sep 22
Alex, Mike and Luis are amazing teachers! Very respectful and positive learning environment. Great for families!
Dustin M.
20:03 28 Sep 22
Best jiu jitsu in Nevada! Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, and we learn at least 3-4 moves each visit! We started for a fun husband and wife activity and now my wife is better than me! Time for more training!
Casey M.
20:02 28 Sep 22
Alex and Mike are amazing teachers. Very respectful and positive teaching environment. Great for families!
Thomas S.
02:33 26 Aug 22
Great gym! Kids class is solid and everyone in the adult class is very supportive and welcoming!
Henrique araujo de L.
03:01 11 Aug 22
Great gym, very nice people, sensei have lots of knowledge!
Henrique araujo de L.
02:59 11 Aug 22
One of the best, if not the best Jiu Jitsu gym I ever practiced!
jj M.
06:09 10 Aug 22
i have great time training here thank you guys for opening a school in sparks
06:03 10 Aug 22
I have been so happy training here. Its been a long journey, but i’m sure i will eventually get to black belt.
06:02 10 Aug 22
Just started training here. Hands down best school in Reno, Thank you for opening so close to us in South Reno!
Josiah K.
01:00 29 Jul 22
This school is amazing for anyone and everyone, the instructor is an amazing teacher and knows what he is talking about.
Josiah K.
00:59 29 Jul 22
I just moved to Nevada from Montana, and I absolutely love this school. It’s it excellent for any person in search of self defense, and a great way to stay in shape. Highly recommend that you give it a try.
Misty B.
15:52 23 Jul 22
I am so glad I signed my son up at Gracie. Alex is so wonderful. He's funny, engaging, kind, considerate, yet tough. All things you want in a good coach of any sport. I plan on having my son go there for years. This is his first year, and he loves it! Not only Alex is great but all staff. Every single person. I enjoy going just to see the interactions, let alone my son. I actually want to join the adult classes as soon as I lose a bit more weight and am comfortable with my self. Definitely worth the money and time. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Sign up here!UPDATE: I withdrew my son after 7 months. Unfortunately the class sizes got way way too big for the space of this place. I didn't feel as though the kids were truly getting training anymore. I also feel my son would get better training in mixed martial arts without having to wear the Gee.
jayden G.
03:07 13 Jul 22
Had an amazing first class. Very friendly and welcoming environment.
Jason M.
01:00 24 Jun 22
BJJ is one is the most effective martial arts for anyone to be able to defend themselves and even more so for kids. It helps a smaller opponent really learn how to protect themselves from larger opponents. Professor Alex and the entire Gracie Humaita team embody the heart of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and my two boys have gained immense confidence in just the first month of training. Highly recommend the academy for anyone looking to protect themselves or enabling their kids to gain confidence and a real ability to defend themself.
Nabby F.
23:12 22 Jun 22
My 6yo son really enjoys coming here and learning jiu jitsu from the great coaches. He is on the Autism Spectrum, and he’s getting a lot of practice with how to use his body appropriately—being able to grapple without hurting others, and improving his coordination. He also gets a lot of great input for following directions and routines, as well as needing to imitate others (not something he’s inherently driven to do). He’s getting a lot out of this experience, he enjoys it, and this is a great studio with wonderful coaches.
Rudolf Guison C.
23:57 21 Jun 22
Prof alex is the best
Vasilisa A.
23:45 16 Jun 22
This school is the best. My kid is motivated to come and learn and full of energy and happiness, he is also improved on facing a fear of entrapment.The instructor teaches the discipline, right from wrong behavior in a good instructive and entertaining way. The love for children and live tmfor teaching is showing.I love this school!
Royler G.
03:12 04 Jun 22
I just visited the Gracie Humaita Reno with prof. Alexander Garcia! The academy looking good! All ways nice visit you guys!
Colin C
00:20 04 Jun 22
This is a fantastic environment for our children to learn discipline, humility, respect, self defense, and the confidence that comes with all of it. Alex and his team of awesome instructors have created the perfect school to teach children BJJ and imperative life skills in a fun and supportive environment. It is amazing to watch our children grow and evolve their characters and skills. The seminars with the Gracie family legends are a nice bonus as well! We absolutely recommend to any parent that wants the best quality of life for their children's future.
John A.
03:30 19 May 22
Always a great atmosphere to train in! The instructors are amazing and everyone is very welcoming!
John A.
03:28 19 May 22
Great place to train! Everyone is very welcoming and the instructors are awesome!
GBoss D.
22:01 13 May 22
I love this school there’s amazing people here and every class is full of energy and positivity
Chris L.
02:18 12 May 22
Great place to train.Wonderful environment!
John V.
02:08 12 May 22
Awesome school to train in and learn the great art of bjj.
Nesrin E.
00:25 03 May 22
I love it, the class make my kids so proud ,😍Thank you
Chloe P.
04:41 22 Apr 22
Very welcoming and amazing staff! Best Brazilian jujitsu training I’ve ever experienced! If your thinking about training here, just do it!
Chloe P.
04:39 22 Apr 22
Best Brazilian jujutsu place in the northern Nevada! Hands down!🤝
05:01 31 Mar 22
All the instructors are amazing! My daughter really enjoys it! Great atmosphere
Alfonso S.
00:23 31 Mar 22
Alex is an awesome instructor! My daughter (5) absolutely loves going to classes. They teach real techniques and discipline. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking.👍
Daniel M.
00:22 31 Mar 22
Enrolled our kid into the 9-15 year old age group and he has been having a blast! Great atmosphere and teachers are fun and great with working with the kids.
Brandon L.
02:37 26 Mar 22
Great place to learn. Professor Alex is an amazing teacher.
Brandon L.
02:36 26 Mar 22
Great place to learn. Professor Alex is an amazing teacher.
Dharan E.
02:28 26 Mar 22
Alex aka the owner is a great guy and a great teacher. All ages can come and train come give it a try 👍
Tyler S.
02:25 26 Mar 22
Great place to train I strongly advise for all ages.
Ernie A.
02:24 26 Mar 22
Very welcoming, everyone is willing to show new students what to do
Nile B.
17:17 22 Mar 22
Alexandre Garcia is a top notch instructor. Gym is clean. Family friendly, respectful environment.
Nile B.
17:15 22 Mar 22
Excellent instructor. Clean gym. Family friendly, and respectful atmosphere.
Jase R.
02:35 22 Mar 22
Nice place
Jessica A.
20:06 19 Mar 22
Alex and his team are amazing! My girls are learning so much. I see a tremendous growth in both of them in regards to confidence , respect and of course self defense. So thankful to be a part of Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!
Phoenix B.
02:44 17 Mar 22
Just started classes, and I love it! Amazing enviroment, thoughtfull and smart people, and a great all around vibe! Highly reccomend to anyone wanting to pick up and try or continue the trade!
Joe M.
02:43 16 Mar 22
Alex is truly the best thing to happen me in a long time. Truly a great experience and I hope to continue learning this art for a long time.
Laurel C.
00:52 16 Mar 22
This place allows the kids to thrive and learn using techniques appropriate for their level. Yet also challenging. They are expected to follow rules and be disciplined. I have watched the kids confidence grow as well as friendships.
Abelardo R.
00:39 16 Mar 22
Awesome coaches and staff.
Abelardo R.
00:38 16 Mar 22
Amazing place to train, great environment makes you feel like part of the family.
Miguel F.
03:13 04 Mar 22
Great people hear. My son started 3 months ago and he his loving it. It's hard work but they make it fun.
Sven I.
22:08 03 Mar 22
Great family friendly atmosphere with excellent instruction. I’ve trained elsewhere and the vibe here is what I was looking for… no big egos, everyone is there to help you learn in a very supportive environment
Sven I.
21:40 03 Mar 22
Great family friendly atmosphere with excellent instruction. I’ve trained elsewhere and the vibe here is what I was looking for… no big egos, everyone is there to help you learn in a very supportive environment.
Alexandria E.
19:16 07 Jan 22
This is a great school with a great atmosphere! My daughter loves going to class, Alex makes it so fun while teaching!
Cheryl E.
16:35 22 Oct 21
Excellent teachers fun atmospheres respect and discipline being taught to children. My Grandaughters look forward to going each week
Dale A.
23:07 16 Oct 21
Clean and welcoming environment.
Dale A.
23:05 16 Oct 21
I strongly recommend this school, great training.
Digo A.
03:13 07 Oct 21
I have no words to describe how excited i am to be at this school.This is the best energy out here.strongly recommend this dojo.
maria S.
23:35 06 Oct 21
Fantastic place! Our daughter is unbelievably excited to learn!
Lane G.
18:03 19 Sep 21
This is the place to learn Jiu-Jitsu in Reno. My 7 year old son has been attending classes for a year now and he loves it. I find this to be a wonderful investment as I see my son flourishing not only in jiu-jitsu skill set but also in character as professor Alex and professor Fred and the rest of the incredible staff instill in these kids respect, discipline, mindset, attitude and perseverance. All of which, will greatly benefit them as adults in the future. Professor Alex is very personable and has done a great job creating a very friendly and inviting environment.I'm very proud to see my son progress in Jiu-Jitsu at this outstanding place.
Chantel H.
21:51 10 Sep 21
My husband drives 3 hours (one way) to train with these amazing people here. It’s a family thing! Thanks for everything, you all!
Jacob K.
20:34 24 Aug 21
Great gym, clean, great people and even more greater coaches, Alexander and Fred absolutely awesome! Highly recommend
Eric C.
22:52 30 Jul 21
Alex and the Team are great! My kids have been coming here for 3 months now and we do not regret it one bit. 4 days a week my kid's are learning, growing and having fun.
Tristen M.
00:43 27 Jul 21
Amazing place to learn jiu jitsu, best one in town.
05:51 25 Jul 21
what a great school.just moved here from California it’s been an amazing it.
05:49 25 Jul 21
Amazing school here in Reno .Strongly recommend this school for any beginner or advace student.oss…
Cassie K.
04:09 22 Jul 21
So glad Alex Garcia opened a school here in Sparks and Reno.The atmosphere is amazing.Great place for adults and kids.
Cassie K.
04:04 22 Jul 21
I love this place.Such a beautiful and welcoming environment for me and family,Strongly advise that beginners and advanced students come.
Avery S.
23:17 19 Jul 21
Great place to train that makes you feel like part of a family.
Cling 2.
01:29 15 Jul 21
Everyone is amazing, great instructors, great classes!
Cling 2.
01:24 15 Jul 21
This school is amazing, great environment, great instructors, amazing in every way!
Ben P.
02:00 01 Jul 21
I cannot get over what an amazing place this is. Alex is the most engaging instructor I have ever experienced. The kids absolutely love him. I would give this place 100 stars if I could. Discipline, self defense and fun all balled up into a 45 minute class. Keep up the good work!
Alyssa B
03:42 24 Jun 21
My boys recently started training here and they love it! They ask to go every day. Great instructors that are serious but fun!
Taysha S.
00:06 24 Jun 21
This gym is awesome! All the coaches are very knowledgeable and always making sure the kids are working on form and being safe. Professor Alex has a great passion for teaching and the kids have such a great time. My sons have learned so much.
Corina P.
01:56 10 Jun 21
My kids love to train here and the coaches.
Chuck C.
14:44 07 Jun 21
This Jiu Jitsu studio is outstanding! I joined a little over a year ago with my oldest son and since my wife and youngest have joined us. This kids class is full of energy, intentionally guided and meant to challenge the young athletes to grow not only in Jiu Jitsu but personally as they make friendships along the way. The adult class is welcoming to diverse ages, skill levels and interest. There are competitors, those looking for a great physical outlet and those looking for self defense training. Professor Alex brings a high level of energy and skill expertise that is supplemented with coaches just as diverse as the members.
José Carlos V.
03:21 03 Jun 21
Alex is a Great Coach. Gracie Humaitá is the place to be. No egos, friendly environment, excellent training. If your on the fence about signing up, try it out. You’ll know why it’s an easy choice!
russ L.
03:51 25 May 21
This is a great class. The group has always been super helpful for this middle aged out-of-shape guy! If you want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, this is a great place to learn.
00:36 18 May 21
We love this school! Our daughter loves it too! Alex is a great professor who is knowledgeable, dedicated, and not afraid to discipline; but he also makes the kids laugh. He makes you work for your stripes and belts, so if you’re looking for an easy class look elsewhere.
Hason H.
16:58 05 May 21
Alex is a really great instructor. He’s great with the kids & the adult classes are fun & very informal. I’ve been training for 7 months and i love it
Joel H.
15:02 05 May 21
I have no words to describe this place.See it for yourself and you won’t regard it.Close to my house and convenient.
Joel H.
14:59 05 May 21
What an amazing place.Professor Alex is not just a good instructor but he’s an funny and great person.Strongly recommend this school.
Jason S.
20:35 03 May 21
My daughter and I are very happy to be training with Professor Alexandre Garcia.It’s a very welcoming school and clean.I strongly recommend this place.
Devin M.
22:45 30 Apr 21
Wonderful place to train. Very knowledgeable and polite. Great place to start training jiu Jitsu.
Moody A.
03:39 30 Apr 21
Very friendly instructors, good atmosphere, phenomenal coaching, and incredibly fun place to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Fernando S.
03:55 25 Apr 21
Thank you Alexandre Garcia for opening this amazing school in Sparks.We really love your energy and commitment for the art .
Martins I.
06:09 24 Apr 21
So glad the Brazilians came to Sparks.Very friendly and welcoming place it’s so much fun. Learn 🇧🇷 Brazilian Jiujitsu from a real Guy from Rio De Janeiro.By the way I love the mural so cool 😎
Martins I.
05:36 24 Apr 21
What an amazing school.We fell such an amazing energy here.I have tried a few schools in Reno but I chose Gracie Humaita cause I really felt welcome here.Amazing for adults and Kids.Thank you Alexandre Garcia for bringing this school from Brazil to Reno.
Alexandre M.
05:29 22 Apr 21
Best school in Northern Nevada by far.World class instructor.Clean and very friendly inviroment state of the art facility.
21:53 19 Apr 21
I've been training with Alex for a couple years now, and he is great! I've trained at some other Jiu Jitsu schools around the Reno/ Sparks area, and Alex is by far the most knowledgeable and entertaining teacher I have encountered. I highly recommend coming and trying it out!
21:52 19 Apr 21
I've been training with Alex for a couple years now, and he is great! I've trained at some other Jiu Jitsu schools around the Reno/ Sparks area, and Alex is by far the most knowledgeable and entertaining teacher I have encountered. Highly recommend!
Nita T.
20:21 23 Mar 21
My children love attending Jiu Jitsu! Professor Alex is amazing & extremely talented in instructing young children. My children learn most when they are having fun and professor Alex and his team excels at creating a fun-filled atmosphere. What I admire most is how Professor Alex balances fun & discipline in his school. This is the real deal & not for the faint of heart. My kids are learning real-life self-dense. They grapple! They roll! They are hands-on! Money well spent if you ask me!
feel soul G.
06:41 12 Mar 21
Great call pretty much another family:)
Wes H.
06:34 12 Mar 21
Welcoming to all levels.
Milly R.
06:33 12 Mar 21
This place is has the best instructors I’ve ever came across! Very informative and they will take their time to teach you whatever you need to feel confident in defending yourself and progressing with your training!
Milly R.
06:31 12 Mar 21
I LOVE This place I have had little to no experience fighting. I’m a small petite young lady and now I have FULL CONFIDENCE in myself and my self defense! I would highly recommend this place!
Tina F
19:00 11 Mar 21
This team is incredible! Unfortunately I couldn’t make the classes for my daughter due to my work schedule but In a heart beat I would go back! They are fun, professional and keep the kids engaged.
Mike B.
01:29 11 Mar 21
4 of my kids have been training here for 4 months and they love it. All the trainers work great with kids and they are learning a lot. They are growing in discipline and confidence. I could not recommend Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more.
Digo A.
23:10 10 Mar 21
I'm a fairly new student. I highly recommend the place! Alex is not only teaching BJJ from the root (he is from Brazil) but also he will make you feel comfortable and he makes other students learn how to welcome new ones. If you are looking for a BJJ school where you will learn from the roots and feel welcome that is the school for you
Nikki S.
22:25 04 Mar 21
My daughter has been with Gracie Humaita for over a year. We go to both facilities, both Reno and Sparks. And each gym provides a variety of instruction and opportunities.My husband and I started her in martial arts three years ago. She tried Taekwondo and then went on to Jiu Jitsu. The principles that my daughter is learning with Jiu Jitsu are precisely what we were hoping for. Not only learning a defensive skill that will protect her and provide a situational awareness to her environment, but she is also learning about discipline, respect, commitment, as well as how to work through challenges under pressure....quite literally. When she is rolling with an opponent, she has to work through the pressure of the opponents weight on top of her, all while they're trying to submit her by a "tap out". The applicability of this situation is very relevant to life and the challenges that it presents.We are new to the Gracie Humaita community but have felt like part of the family since day one. Alex and his instructors are members of Gracie Humaita, and are committed to providing solid instruction. They, too, are developing their skills within the Jiu Jitsu art, and providing instruction helps facilitate their own Jiu Jitsu journey. The vested interest by all is genuine and informative. Their ability to relate to the kids is extremely beneficial for the limited attention span that kids can sometimes have. The repetitive drills and sparing help with retention, which provide the right environment for the kids to learn. I highly recommend Gracie Humaita. Do not hesitate to check this place out; the awareness of this martial art is growing exponentially. Having this discipline part of your child's life will provide those tools to be a successful adult.
01:15 04 Mar 21
My daughter has been training Jiu Jitsu here for the past year and she loves it. It has helped her grow as an individual and taught her many life lessons. All the instructors have done a fantastic job of keeping the kids engaged and having fun. I highly recommend Gracie Humaita for both kids and adults!
Alyssa Marie M.
03:21 12 Feb 21
I’ve been going for a few months now and I enjoy it everytime I’m here. I look forward to coming everyday and learning so many new things each time. Everyone is so nice and helpful doesn’t matter if they’re an instructor or not. Alex is great and super funny!
Bruh A.
03:39 10 Feb 21
Alex is an amazing instructor I’ve been training for a bit and I already know so much he is a humorous person and a great person to be around he brings smiles to the class and makes everybody’s day.100 percent recommend taking his class
Lucio A.
03:35 10 Feb 21
Alex is an amazing instructor! I’ve been training for 3 months and have learned a lot. He is very energetic and have a lot of information. He is very patient with new comers and does great with children. Since joining the team I have lost about 20 lbs. I feel in better shape than I ever have! 5 stars!
Luke H
03:43 09 Feb 21
With great instructors, awesome class times, and a friendly environment this place is perfect for anybody from professionals to people that have no experience at all. I recommended to all my friends and family!
Luke H
03:38 09 Feb 21
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, great with kids, and perfect for all levels!!
Darren P.
01:39 02 Feb 21
Alex and his team are great trainers.
Ed W.
03:29 23 Jan 21
Alex and the other instructors make this place so fun! My daughter loves it so far and my only complaint is that I wish it was longer! I love the energy, the welcoming environment, and of course, the jiu jitsu that makes this place 5 stars to me.
Christina J.
03:07 10 Dec 20
My son has learned and grown exponentially since starting here with Coach Alex! He has learned to respect his instructor and peers and I am honestly so proud of what being a student here has done for him and his confidence. Alex is wonderful with the kids and they just love him!
Mike the D.
17:30 09 Dec 20
My 7 year old loves training with Alex and the other instructors. Alex does a great job in working with the little kids and keeping them focused while in class. I highly recommend Gracie Humaita for anyone who wants to add focus and discipline to their kids life.
Layla R.
01:39 04 Dec 20
Alex has been my instructor for 3 years and he has helped to build my self esteem and the confidence I see in myself today.
Daniel T.
01:35 04 Dec 20
My son loves this place. He is excited to go and learns something new every time.
Matt A.
01:27 04 Dec 20
Coach Alex runs a great program! I started bringing my 9 year old son to the kids program which he has fallen in love with. The classes are fun and energetic!
Juleen R.
01:24 04 Dec 20
We have been going to this school for over 3 years and love it. Alex is a great teacher and very knowledgeable. I have seen each one of my kids grow by leaps and bounds in self esteem and confidence.
David B.
01:05 04 Dec 20
My family is really enjoying taking classes. The instructors are fantastic! The prices are fair (especially compared to similar businesses). Also it is kid and women friendly, my wife was nervous about this.. My kids (6 & 10y/o) get very excited to go to class. I myself am learning a lot and also getting back into shape. Overall a win win for everyone.
Kim B.
01:04 04 Dec 20
We love Coach Alex and his crew! The environment and friendliness of this place is awesome! Our son can’t wait to get to class everyday. He learns so much from these coaches and has a lot of fun! I can’t sing their praises enough!
Darren P.
04:18 24 Nov 20
Alex Garcia and the entire coaching staff at Gracie Humaita are GREAT. The atmosphere of his school is that of training, learning and growing in the ART of Jiu Jitsu. Worth every cent.
Andrew L.
04:44 28 Oct 20
This is the place to learn BJJ. Alex is a great teacher and is fun to be around. He can be firm at times but cares about students learning correctly.
Zach M.
06:17 27 Oct 20
ive been training for 3 months now and i have to say joing Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reno has been the best decision ive ever made it is amazing for physical health and mental aswell. all of the instructors are amazing and very patient for adults and children my son who is now 5 years old started when he was 4 and he is addicted aswell if you have the slightest curiosity about joing i highly recommend it. i mean what do you have to lose?
02:58 20 Oct 20
Erin A.
20:12 10 Oct 20
Great studio for kids and adults. Quality instructors and classes for all levels!
Rafael M.
23:36 25 Sep 20
The Gracie Humaita school in Sparks is an excellent, welcoming, and technique focused real Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school. You get a real Brazilian instructor teaching real Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a great environment.
Othello Taylor I.
19:59 20 Sep 20
The Gracie Humaita school in Sparks is a clean, welcoming, family friendly environment for martial artists of all ages. The team here is highly focused on proper technique application and ensuring every student leaves the mat after class with a more complete understanding of the sport, regaurdless of pace or physical limitations. If you've ever considered giving BJJ a shot, I couldn't think of a better place to start.
Melissa L.
14:02 13 Aug 20
We love this place, our kids have a blast and Alex makes it so fun for everyone.
Zachery H.
23:23 29 Jul 20
This is my first experience with BJJ and I have to say I love this school. The teachers are incredibly patient, funny, and great at communication. Gracie Humaita Reno has a great community of students and I never feel out of place. Everyone works together to make each other better. One of the best things I have ever signed up for.
01:00 24 Jul 20
Great exercise, great teachers, and fun. All around great experience training. Highly recommend
Colby G.
20:41 23 Jul 20
Great people, plenty of parking, and very clean. The instructor Alex is very friendly and welcome anybody regardless of age or experience. Fun and friendly environment to learn.
Laura D.
01:29 23 Jul 20
Amazing school for any age on how to learn jiu Jitsu. The main teacher, among with the other teachers, are professional, dedicated, talented, and excellent teachers esp with the children. Our son LOVES going. Also, the pricing is perfect. Would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone.
Samuel D.
00:52 23 Jul 20
Great and safe environment for my son and myself. One of the best workouts I have ever had and my 4 year old has a blast. Alex is amazing with the kids and keeps them engaged. If you are looking to learn one of the best martial arts in the wold and have a great workout I can’t speak highly enough about Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Corina P.
00:29 02 Jul 20
My kids love this class.
Miguel O.
00:24 17 Jun 20
Alex is a passionate coach and my kids love him.
Alexis R.
00:20 17 Jun 20
Instructor is great. Amazing with kids. Really shows compassion for them
Alexandre M.
05:35 27 Apr 20
Stop by and see why we are the best in the world.Clean and welcoming you will feel at home.Northern Nevada's only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor ,Black Belt under the Gracie Family.
Alexandre M.
04:34 26 Mar 20
We are the best because we love what we do.When you love your Job ,you dont work you have fun!God bless everyone.Osss...
Hayden M.
03:59 26 Mar 20
This is what I call Gracie Jiu-Jitsu school.Alex is an amazing person,he really cares about everyone here.Don’t trust me ,just come and see it for yourself.I like it that they have The school for a very fair price and you can go for both Sparks and south Reno.
Hayden M.
03:50 26 Mar 20
I am very glad they have this school.Hands down best school by far in Reno,Alexandre is from Rio /Brazil trained under the best in Brazil,the Gracie Family.Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a real Brazilian.Thank you Alex and Pat for being so good at what you do.By the way the energy is amazing,strongly recommend this school for everyone.
Berd And C.
16:32 25 Mar 20
This place is great! I love Alex and Pat, they're such informative instructors and really nice to students! This is THE best Jiu-jitsu place in Sparks!
Caiti O.
16:27 25 Mar 20
Great people! Great location!
Berd And C.
16:20 25 Mar 20
This place is great! I love Alex and Pat, they're such informative instructors and really nice to students! This is THE best Jiu-jitsu place in Reno!
logyn H.
03:39 25 Mar 20
This place is amazing ,everything is so positive here.From customer service to class you don’t miss a thing.So glad Alex opened a school close to my house.Oss..
Pat W
22:37 26 Feb 20
Great atmosphere! The instructors are professional, friendly, and are willing to answer any questions students have. Very clean facility. Highly recommended!
Katy A.
23:11 01 Jan 20
I have been training here for 3 weeks and it is amazing! Best instructors I have dealt with, very patient and great atmosphere. I strongly recommend this school!
05:10 09 Dec 19
Great BJJ school with fantastic coaches! Coach Alex teaches very technical and efficient Jiu Jujitsu at the same time keeping the lessons fun for the kids. It is amazing how fast the kids are learning! The adult classes are great also; egos are left at the door and everyone works together to improve their skills! I would recommend Gracie Humaita to anyone at any fitness level!
logyn H.
04:21 24 Nov 19
Greatest teacher I’ve ever had, very positive and high intense energy. One of the most humble and strongest schools I’ve been too!
Pat W
17:37 10 Nov 19
Alex does a great job of teaching jiujitsu to kids as well as adults. Not only is Alex a great teacher, but a great friend as well. Highly recommended.
Sky L.
05:55 18 Sep 19
Outstanding! Everything about this school is outstanding. I'm so thankful this school is in reno. I'm hooked!!
Chunks R.
15:59 07 Sep 19
Alex and Pat are amazing!!! It’s the best place in Reno for Jiu-Jitsu! These 2 men will change your life!!! Jiu-Jitsu will change your life!
Bobby V.
03:08 10 Aug 19
Over my family summer vacation in Truckee, I needed a place to train for an upcoming tournament. I drove to Reno three times for other things and stopped by Gracie Humaita Reno every time. I was welcomed with open arms. Professor Alex and Pat were awesome. All the higher belt team members who I trained with took their time helping me understand my mistakes during rolling and gave me advice for my tournament. Gracie Humaita Reno will have a special place in my Jui-Jitsu journey and I hope to came back here every summer.
Marc C.
19:19 03 Aug 19
I have been training at Gracie Humaita for over 2.5 years. My jiu-jitsu has improved exponentially since I started training at Gracie Humaita. Alex Garcia is an excellent professor. He is detail orientated and very encouraging. As an older student, I was hesitant to enter competitions. His encouragement and guidance led me to win gold at several Bay Area tournaments, much to my pleasant surprise. Instructors Pat and Greg are also excellent and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the mats!Currently, our adult class consists of several large trained athletes and military personnel, i.e. former Nevada football players and Army Rangers. These guys are beasts! We train hard but at the same time treat each other as valued teammates. You're exhausted from training but nobody is trying to hurt you - we are all training to make our jiu-jitsu better. I love training with the guys and feel like I am part of team.The kids' team is exceptional! Alex is fantastic at teaching the young kids jiu-jitsu as well as making it fun for them! They consistently medal at local and out-of-state tournaments.If you are an adult looking for a challenging and friendly jiu-jitsu team, Gracie Humaita is the place for you. If you have a child and you are looking for an encouraging and positive martial arts school, Gracie Humaita is for you and your child.In conclusion, if you live in Reno come train with us at Gracie Humaita!
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