BJJ Techniques For Beginners

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that emphasizes ground fighting and submission holds. It is an ideal choice for self-defense and competition. Many BJJ schools offer classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The focus on technique and leverage makes Brazilian jiu-jitsu an effective martial art for smaller individuals. In addition, BJJ training can provide a great workout and help to build strength, flexibility, and stamina. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, want to get fit, or learn self-defense, Brazilian jiu-jitsu may be the perfect martial art for you.

Here Are Some Techniques To Help You Get Started:

  1. The Mount: This position is achieved when you are sitting on top of your opponent, with your legs straddling their waist. From here, you can control your opponent by using your body weight and leverage to apply pressure. You can also strike your opponent or set up a submission hold.
  2. Guard: The guard is a position in which you are lying on your back, with your legs wrapped around your opponent’s waist. This position allows you to control your opponent, block their strikes, and set up submissions.
  3. Side Control: Side control is a position in which you are lying on your side, with your weight on top of your opponent. From here, you can strike or attempt submissions.
  4. Rear Mount: The rear mount is a position in which you are sitting on your opponent’s back, with your legs wrapped around their waist. This position allows you to control your opponent and set up submissions.
  5. Turtle Position: The turtle position is a defensive position in which you are lying on your back, with your knees tucked into your chest and your head down. This position makes it difficult for your opponent to strike or submit you.

Learning these basic techniques will give you a foundation from which to build as you continue your BJJ training. Remember to focus on technique and leverage, and soon you will be able to develop your own style of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Looking for a self-defense class in Reno or Sparks, NV? Call Gracie Humaita Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at (775) 376-6229 or (775) 379-9532 for inquiries! Schedule an introductory jiu-jitsu class, or private jiu-jitsu class, at one of our two convenient locations in Reno or Sparks, NV.

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